Heantos originated from a Traditional Village in Vietnam.

Traditional variations of Heantos have existed for a long time in Vietnam where opium grows and is harvested. In between harvests, when there is a shortage of opium, the younger people have to reduce or eliminate their use because there is only enough for the elders. This cultural tradition necessitated the need to find a combination of herbs to enable the younger members to eliminate withdrawal symptoms and craving for opium. So local medicine men and herbologists went into the forests and collected detoxification and sleeping aids.
The original focus of Heantos was twofold: a detoxifying agent and a sleep inducing experience. Heantos is so unique because it began in a rural Vietnamese village as a home remedy. It simply involves a gentle 7 to 10 day detox protocol to be used at home followed by several weeks of a maintenance dose to eliminate cravings. After 2-3 days of the detox protocol, a person can function normally and conduct their lives while they continue their temporary maintenance use of Heantos.

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Over the last 20 years, two Vietnamese doctors, Dr. Dan and Dr. Sung, created and studied various formulas for Heantos. Dr. Dan was the original creator and Dr. Sung took over the work in 1994. Since then, Dr. Sung continued to create different generations of Heantos until the present formula of Heantos4 was complete. He researched the most active ingredients and used the most sophisticated extraction technology to perfect “Heantos 4″, which is pure, powerful, and very effective.
Dr. Sung is the driving force in Vietnam for Heantos research and bringing Heantos to market. Dr. Sung is a humanitarian and at this time he is ready and anxious to introduce this gentle, safe yet profoundly effective treatment to the world. Until recently, if you were interested in acquiring Heantos you would have to fly to Vietnam to get it. We are honored to have an exclusive partnership with Dr. Sung to support his endeavor to bring Heantos to the World.

Scientific Evidence

In 1991, Heantos underwent official clinical trials by the Ministry of Public Health in Vietnam that confirmed its safety and efficacy. Since 1995, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) partnered with the creators of Heantos for scientific developments. During almost 20 years of research on Heantos, the Institute of Chemistry has partnered with several international institutions in the clarification of the toxicology and the clinical studies of Heantos. Clinical trials, conducted by the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Health showed that treatment with Heantos provided a smooth and quick detoxification of opiate-addicted patients. These trials showed that Heantos helped to alleviate drug craving while suppressing major withdrawal symptoms. No other side effects were noted during the trails. These studies also proved that Heantos does not contain drug substitutes.

Practical Evidence

Heantos was used in Vietnamese villages for decades and in treatment centers since 1990. In addition to the scientific evidence discussed above, the anecdotal evidence is clear: Heantos is effective at gently helping people overcome withdrawal symptoms. It is used in capsule form and ends dependence on opioids and cocaine within 5-10 days and the cost is affordable by any standard. No unwanted side effects have been observed. Heantos itself is not addictive and is not used as a maintenance drug treatment such as Methadone. Heantos is used in Vietnam at the Hoang Long treatment center in the northern province of Ninh Binh. At this center, war veterans previously receiving free monthly morphine rations took Heantos just once and 70% did not return for their next morphine dose. A study on the recidivism at this center showed 37 of 40 patients (92%) were drug free after 3 months following Heantos detoxification.