Due to a lack of administration, facilities and provisions from the founders in Vietnam, we are unable to distribute enough Heantos to fulfill the global need for opiate withdrawal relief.

We are committed to helping people suffering throughout the world. We have found a better detox remedy made of 17 herbs from Vietnam! This new remedy is as gentle, safe, effective and affordable as Heantos!

We are saddened to announce that Heantos will not yet be available throughout the world, due to certification difficulties.

STAY TUNED:  Please wait to be directed to our new website for an even more effective remedy for opiate withdrawal relief…


Good manufacturing practice guidelines provide quality assurance for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance for food and drug products. The founders in Vietnam cannot at this time ensure that Heantos manufacturing practices meet minimum requirements for quality. It is their responsibility to get Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for the most effective and efficient quality process. Until that time, we cannot get authorization to share Heantos worldwide.

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Heantos is 13 herbs from Vietnam. It is a natural, safe and effective detox for opiate, methadone addiction and cocaine cravings.

What We Do?

With our HQ Partner, HEANTOS JSC, we have the test results of more than 12,000 patients in  Asia, America, Italy and around the world. The initial study was done in Vietnam in 1994 in which HEANTOS JSC treated patients with 13 diverse plants. Gentle, safe, effective and affordable Heantos.

There is no need to make the Trip to Vietnam just for the Detox purposes, since we have the Exclusive License Agreement from the Founding Company HEANTOS JSC to bring the valuable Lifesaving Pills to get rid-off your cravings in comfort.

We are ecstatic to finally distribute it throughout the World.

Research by Johns Hopkins University, Essen University in Germany, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, and the University of British Columbia have proven Heantos is safe and effective.



Heantos is a Vietnamese traditional medication derived from 13 plants and herbs for drug addiction. It was created in the 1980s by Dr. Tran Khuong Dan (Dr. Dan), a Vietnamese physician whose father and brother were addicted to opiates. After 1994 once the collaboration and detailed research that followed by The Academy of Science it clearly became well known to the Medicine world that HEANTOS can be distributed safely and in Masses to Drug Addicts.
For decades Heantos has been freeing people from a significant amount of withdrawal symptoms in  Vietnamese villages. The capsules gently end dependency from opioids, and cocaine within days and the cost is affordable by any standard.

The first ever official Pilot Project outside of Vietnam is taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. We also have the Exclusive License Agreement from the founding company HEANTOS JSC to bring  valuable lifesaving Heantos to the United States.


The development of a medicinal preparation derived from traditional knowledge and experience in coping with addiction to opiate-based drugs.
The scientific development of this preparation in terms of proving its effectiveness and the development of a standardized product.

Detox safely, effectively and cheaply at home.

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Since it is ALL herbal supplement, it has no side effects and does NOT create dependency to any other Medication such as other opiate maintenance drugs like methadone and buprenorphine / suboxone.

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